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Hi Chris, Thank you for your timely question. Here is a link with resources curated by health professionals who work in the homelessness sector:

I hope this information provides some guidance.


Répondu parJohn Ecker,mars 17, 2020

It's going to depend on the community in which you are living. My suggestion would be to check in with the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. You can locate your nearest branch here. In my experience, they are knowledgeable about what supports are available for your client group.

Répondu parTim Aubry ,mars 1, 2020

There are so many ways communities can begin engaging in systems planning that doesn't require using a lot of resources. Remember, the whole idea of systems planning is to leverage the resources that already exist in your community so you can begin streamlining and closing the gaps that exist. Community engagement is one of the best ways to begin systems planning. Think about who the lead Systems Planning Organization (SPO) will be. Who will champion this work? What are their roles? Who's missing from this conversation? Systems mapping is another example of an easy, low cost way to engage in systems planning. Systems Mapping ensures that we understand what the full service ecosystem looks like and what's missing. Check out HelpSeeker, which has low cost options for communities looking to begin systems mapping. Ensuring your community is trained and up-to-date on systems planning, including having the right language and knowing its core tenets, is another example. Did you know the Systems Planning Collective, a joint collaborative between the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, A Way Home Canada, HelpSeeker and Turner Strategies, has developed some core courses for free? Engaging in this curriculum is a great place to begin for communities and we encourage you to take a look at the resources available on the Homelessness Learning Hub. Get in touch with us if you need more support!

Répondu parAnika Mifsud,février 9, 2020

Great question! A good starting point for research and a better understanding of hidden homelessness is the Homeless Hub. Take a look at the topics page here!

Répondu par,février 9, 2020

Great question! I would start by reviewing the Housing First Toolkit. There is an entire section on evaluation, which includes discussion on fidelity. 

Once this has been reviewed, I would think about doing a self-assessment of your Housing First program. The self-assessment scale is found here.

You and your team could sit down individually and complete the assessment and then come together as a group to share your ratings.

Répondu parJohn Ecker,janvier 31, 2020